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Kangaroo Island is an absolute jewel in the waters off the coast of South Australia. Often described as Australia’s Galapagos Islands, over a third of Kangaroo Island has been designated National Park or Conservation area. 


There is an abundance of wildlife including sea lions, seals, dolphins, penguins, whales, wallabies, echidnas, koalas and of course kangaroos.  The kangaroos found on the island are a unique sub-species, and different to those found on mainland Australia.  Bird lovers are drawn to the wide range of bird species that can be viewed, including eagles, ospreys and pelicans. 


The diversity of wildlife is matched by the beauty of the natural environment.  Within the same day you can traverse deserted white sandy beaches, dramatic rocky headlands, caves and unspoilt native vegetation. As the third largest island off of Australia, there really is something for everyone, and it is a nature lover’s delight. 


Allure Beach Retreat is self-catering, and we recommend that you sample the delicious local produce during your visit.  The seafood is some of the freshest found and can be accompanied by award-winning local spirits, wines and beer.  There are a range of excellent restaurants, cafés and food vans located across the island.  ​


We hope you enjoy your stay at Allure Beach Retreat, and that you find Kangaroo Island as precious as we do.

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